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About Us

Communicare Inc. is the sole Canadian source for 'Dimensional® System Behaviour-Based Training' programs

  • the award-winning Leadership Through People Skills® for leader-managers, and
  • SkillsPlus® for sales professionals.

Our history

When Neill MacMillan first established his company in Toronto in 1978, he chose the name Communicare. The name is taken from the Latin verb meaning to transmit information and to share with others.

This 30 plus years of experience remains directed towards helping leading organizations elevate productivity by focusing on the critical performance areas of interpersonal development.

Communicare remains as the sole Canadian affiliate of Psychological Associates, Inc., part of an international network of affiliated companies providing Dimensional® Training to clients around the world.

Our mission

To continuously strive to meet or exceed client expectations by assisting them in elevating their productivity through people skills. Using high-impact training, professional development and coaching reinforcement that directly helps graduates maximize personal and professional performance, Communicare is able to measure results in long-term relationships.

Our vision

  • To bring about effective and lasting change in people, teams and organizations
  • To be Q4 in our own work environment in order to be a positive influence on others to adopt the same principles

Our values

We hold these guiding principles to be true

  • To create an environment that encourages and supports continuous learning for all
  • To enjoy and share the success of achievement with our colleagues and clients
  • To value the individual’s ability
  • To foster partnership and cooperation
  • To provide uncompromised client service
  • To improve and innovate continuously
  • To be responsible and accountable for our actions and attitude
  • To take the initiative
  • To be known for our integrity as a company that says what we do and does what what we say

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