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Psychological Associates, Inc. has been a partner, via a licensing arrangement, with Communicare Inc. since 1978.  It is they who provide the Dimensional Training System® programs based upon The Dimensional® Model of Behaviour™ -- -- a scientific tool for categorizing human behaviour.



The model classifies observed behaviours using a four quadrant [Q4] bi-polar model in which each quadrant represents

  • a pattern of behaviours, and
  • a set of responses to best manage the various behaviours.

This methodology is the cornerstone of the work developed by Victor R. Buzzotta, Ph.D. and Robert E. Lefton, Ph.D., who in the early 1950’s formed Psychological Associates Inc. Their original research was completed at the Universities of California and Harvard.

Dr. Buzzotta has consulted with senior executives from major corporations in North and South America, Europe, and Australia. He has authored numerous articles on the human side of business, as well as co-authored four books on applied behavioural science. He has promoted the use of common-sense methods to select and develop the high-performing personnel needed to meet the challenges of ever-accelerating change. He is a member of the American and Missouri Psychological Associations, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Dr. Lefton is a leading U.S.A. authority in management and organization development, and has served as a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies. His work focuses heavily on building effective senior management teams, building mission and strategy, and coaching senior executives. In addition, he is a noted speaker, co-author of four books, and contributes frequently to well known business journals. He has also served on the faculty of Washington University in St. Louis, and is on the Boards of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Stifel Financial.

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