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People Development Solutions

Communicare is experienced in the art and science of people development . Our process transforms individual behaviour with the ultimate result that relationships and results are improved. Clients who have experienced our Dimensional® Training Programs have notable ...

  • 'ah ah' moments resulting from the peer feedback they receive, and
  • practical, easy-to-apply interpersonal skills that ultimately change their leadership style -- becoming more collaborative, inspiring, trsutworthy, and attentive. In other words, more 'people-focused' and 'EQ' savvy.

"The seminar activity that was most valuable to me was the impact of the self reflection and peer feedback."

Q4 Style in the Real World: A Study

Psychological Associates Inc.: "The Dimensional Model is a scientifically verified means of categorizing behavior, based on original research conducted in the 1940s and 1950s. Its validity has been reinforced ever since in the business community, and it meets the test of common sense as well.

When Q4 leadership is practiced in the real world, it is valued for its ability to obtain commitment and maintain it over an extended period of time. An in-depth study we conducted of business executives supports this. The data used to make this assessment came from numerous feedback documents of the people who interacted with each executive the most. They rated specific behaviors that make up leadership style: delegating, decision making, communicating, and feedback. The executives were also rated on their proficiency in management practices: controlling, leading, organizing, and planning.

The study found that a major factor for the executives’ success was their leadership style of behavior. The people these executives answered to made it clear that they preferred that the executives emphasize productivity, either Q1 or Q4 (above the horizontal line of the Model). However, when indicating the type of leader they found most effective, they and the other participants giving feedback chose the Q4 collaborative style of leadership overwhelmingly over the Q1 style.

Significantly, despite having a bias toward productivity, the majority of the executives in the study — all of whose careers had stalled due to subpar performance — practiced Q1 autocratic leadership behavior instead of Q4. This indicates that many people fail to understand that truly effective leadership depends on the ability to foster collaboration and to influence others to cooperate and participate."


Core Industry Specialty Areas:

  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics
  • IT

Learn the Q4 skills and techniques proven to strengthen communication, deepen trust, and increase productivity. Behaving in a 'Q4 way' means knowing HOW, WHEN and WHY to adapt your behaviour to another's with high-impact programs.

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Sales Skills Development

Dimensional Management of Teams


One-on-one coaching is available to all program graduates by request or as part of our leadership development process within your organization.

"If people don't weigh in , they can't buy in!"
Author Patrick Lencioni

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  2. The Research behind the Dimensional® System.
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Over the years, Communicare Inc. has helped hundreds of organizations become high-performing organizations. We're available to explore any thoughts or questions you may have regarding tough performance issues that you are currently facing in your organization.


“Showed me what my natural inclination is, which will not drive effective discussion.”