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People Development Solutions
A Practical Approach

At Communicare, we believe that 'Productivity Through People Skills' is achieved when leaders understand the relationship between behaviour and needs.

Whether improving communications across diverse teams, managing and motivating your sales division, or implementing a leadership succession plan -- we empower you with practical, skills-based solutions that help you achieve the results you want.

“I came away with a gift for life… in that, I thank you.”

  • Our interactive, behaviour-based training has participants' consistently raving about the Job Related Summary feedback they receive from colleagues and peers.

  • Different people behave differently, as demonstrated in this proven method and model for change.

  • Q4 cultures work!

  • Communicare is partners with PhD subject-matter experts in psychology, research, and people-skills development.


Why is that person so difficult?!
Dimensional Training

Size up a boss, a peer, a direct report - even a client - in just a few minutes using this simple tool: Take the new' Q4' survey from Psychological Associates!

Generate effective relationships at work by learning how to apply the Q4 Dimensional® Model of Behavior™ to all your interactions.

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Over three decades of proven expertise in sales & leadership development.

Toronto, ON, Canada |